Safco Canmeleon Ash Urn 38-gal Waste Receptacle 38 gal Capacity – Rectangular – 39.3″ Height x 18.3″ Width x 18.3″ Depth – High-density Polyethylene (HDPE), Stainless Steel, Plastic – Black


Waste receptacle with side openings and ash urn features striking, fluted panels to add beauty and serviceability to your “First Impression” areas. High-density polyethylene has built-in UV inhibitors to resist the harshest weather extremes for years. Telescoping base hides the bag. Slip waste bag over the base once you remove the top. Ribbed sides hold the bag in place. Place lid over top to secure the hidden bag. Canmeleon Outdoor Receptacle uses standard 32″ x 44″ trash bags for its 38-gallon capacity and is easily adaptable for anchoring or weighting devices. Each side opening measures 13″ wide x 6″ high for easy access for passersby. Ash Urn style features a 12″ square, stainless steel urn built into the lid (no sand required).