Tombow Single-line Bright Dispnsr Correction Tapes 0.16″ Width x 32.83 ft Length – 1 Line(s) – White Tape – Ergonomic Assorted Dispenser – Acid-free, Non-refillable – 4 / Pack – Assorted


Easy-to-use, side-action applicator delivers accurate application to instantly correct typed or handwritten documents. Dual Gear technology and self-tightening mechanism prevent looping and pulling of the white tape. Premium tape lays down smooth and blends well with paper so you can write on it with a pen, pencil or marker. Ergonomic design allows you to comfortably make corrections throughout the work day. Easily adjust breakproof tape with the rewind knob. Compact applicator is made of a high percentage of recycled materials. Dispenser is nonrefillable.

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